所有使用本学院资讯科技资源的人士必须同意遵守 这一政策.

用户: Current faculty, staff, and students of the College are authorized to use the College's 计算机网络和服务在执行本用户协议时.

资讯科技资源: 所有全球网络赌博平台信息技术资源,包括但不包括 limited to computers, printers, and other peripherals, programs, data, local and wide 局域网,电子邮件,以及对互联网和万维网的访问.

可接受的使用: 本校资讯科技资源的合理使用,仅限于以下人士 usage for academic, educational or professional purposes which are directly related to official College business and in support of the College's mission and are not otherwise 禁止.

用户 禁止 from using college INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 资源 in an unacceptable 方式包括但不限于以下内容:

  • 查看、下载、存储和/或传输色情、淫秽或色情内容 儿童色情物品;
  • 玩娱乐游戏及/或使用赌博网站;
  • 安装未经许可的软件和/或下载与工作无关的文件到 未经书面授权擅自使用学院的计算机系统.
  • 向任何其他人披露用户ID;
  • 解码或试图解码密码或访问控制信息;
  • Engaging in any activity that might be harmful to systems or to any 信息 stored 在其上,例如创建或传播病毒、中断服务或破坏 文件.
  • 制作或使用受版权保护的软件的非法副本,将该副本存储在 College Computer System, or transmitting said copies over the College's Computer Network.
  • Wasting computer 资源, including placing a program in an endless loop, printing excessive amounts of paper in student computer labs and classrooms and, distributing chain letters or engaging in an activity that is not consistent with this 政策' 可接受使用条款.
  • Engaging in any behavior that destroys, modifies or abuses hardware and/or software 资源.
  • In furtherance of any illegal act, including violation of any criminal or civil laws 或者法规,无论是州的还是联邦的
  • 出于任何商业目的,包括但不限于招揽购买, sale, rental or lease of private personal property, goods, services, or real estate;
  • Engaging in a non-college business or otherwise using the system for personal reasons.
  • Intercepting, decoding, blocking, or interfering with any communication intended for 其他的人.
  • No member of the community, under any circumstances, may use the College's computers 或网络诽谤,诽谤,或骚扰任何其他人. 下列条款构成 电脑骚扰:(1)利用电脑骚扰、骚扰、恐吓、恐吓; 通过传达淫秽语言、图片、 或其他材料,或对收件人或收件人的人身伤害的威胁 immediate family; (2) using the computer to contact another person repeatedly with the intent or effect of annoying, harassing, or bothering, whether or not any actual message is communicated, and/or where no purpose of legitimate communication exists; (三)利用计算机就某一事项反复联系他人的 which one does not have a legal right to communicate, once the recipient has provided reasonable notice that he or she desires such communication to cease; (4) using the computer to disrupt or damage the academic re搜索, administrative, or related pursuits of another; and (5) using the computer to invade the privacy, academic or otherwise, 侵犯他人隐私或侵犯他人隐私的威胁.
  • 为了任何集体谈判协议所不允许的政治目的 contrary to any state or federal law (Please note that pursuant to Massachusetts Campaign Finance Laws, no governmental 资源 (including computers, fax machines, modems, printers, and/or copy machines) may be used by any person (including a public employee,whether during work hours or otherwise) in order to promote or oppose a political candidate or ballot question or for the purpose of disseminating materials that advocate a particular 对选票问题或政治候选人投票. 此外,除了禁止之外 of any type of political fundraising on State property, a public employee is further 禁止直接或间接募集或接受任何捐款 出于任何政治目的);
  • 侵犯任何知识产权、版权或商标权. 用户 responsible for recognizing (attributing) and honoring the intellectual property rights 别人的.
  • 学术不诚实(抄袭、作弊).
  • Unless authorized to speak for the college, users must avoid creating the impression 他们正在这么做. 用户应采取适当措施避免可能的推论 that communication of a message via the College e-mail system or posting to an electronic 论坛表示学院正式授权或认可该信息.
  • 未经许可访问受限制的数据. 在履行工作职责的过程中,RCC employees and other authorized personnel may have access to confidential data or proprietary 信息. 在任何情况下都不允许获取机密文件 资料,除非该等查阅获授权. 在任何情况下,雇员或其他 authorized personnel disseminate any confidential 信息 that they have rightful 未经授权进入.

应对安全和滥用事件: If you suspect that there has been an abuse of this policy, including but not limited 任何学院的信息技术资源的安全,通知 the employee's supervisor, the Human Resources department or, in the case of a student, 招生管理与学生事务副校长办公室. 在哪里 如有违法行为,应与学院保安处联系.

不期望隐私: The College's Information Technology Resources are the property of Roxbury Community 学院和/或马萨诸塞州联邦,并将在一致情况下使用 有了本保单. 学院资讯科技资源的使用者须具备 不期望任何通信、传输、电子邮件或工作的隐私 利用学院的资讯科技资源进行表演. 使用学院的 Information Technology Resources constitutes express consent for the College to monitor and/orinspect any data that Users create or receive, any messages they send or receive, 以及他们访问的任何网站,以及监控任何形式的网络活动 学院认为维护网络的完整性是合适的. 书院保留 有权检查和访问任何用户的计算机,其中包含的任何数据,和 该计算机发送或接收的任何数据,包括但不限于电子邮件.

没有保证: The College makes no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, for the service 它提供了. 学院不会对用户所遭受的任何损害负责. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, no-deliveries, services interruptions 由学院的疏忽或用户的错误或遗漏所造成. 使用任何 通过互联网获取的信息风险由用户自行承担. 特别是学院 denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of 信息 obtained through 它的服务. 用户需要考虑他们获得的信息的来源 考虑这些信息的有效性.

互联网和万维网接入: 互联网或万维网的使用受这些政策的约束. 用户应该 要知道学院既不负责也不控制 任何链接到其网站的页面. 互联网或万维网的用户完全是 对查看、存储、传输或下载的所有材料负责. 此外, the College does not control, monitor, review, or restrict 信息 accessed over 因特网或万维网.

电子邮件: RCC issued email accounts to faculty, students, and staff will be the official electronic 信息系统的所有大学相关的电子传输.

版权保护:计算机程序是宝贵的知识产权. 用户不允许使用 任何软件,除非该软件已获授权予书院使用. 除了软件, legal protections can also exist for any 信息 published on the Internet, such 作为网站上的文字和图形. 因此,用户的尊重是很重要的 知识产权所有者的权利. 用户应该谨慎和判断 when copying or distributing 信息 that could reasonably be expected to be copyrighted. 根据《全球网络赌博平台》,17美国.S.C. 1203§(我)(1)(A),用户 who engage in copyright infringement shall, at a minimum, have his/her access privileges 终止.

责任:这是任何人使用学院的信息技术的责任 遵循此策略的资源. 善用学院的资讯科技资源 是一种特权,而不是权利,如果不遵守这一政策,用户可能会受到惩罚 to disciplinary action pursuant to collective bargaining agreements or other personnel 政策,包括但不限于,失去访问权,从 大学和/或学科.

本网站所载资料仅供一般参考之用. 虽然 学院努力保持信息在网站上的最新和正确,我们 不能保证会是这样. 因此,学院不作任何陈述 or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability of either the website itself or the 信息, 在其上提供的产品或服务. 浏览者对网站负责 联系适当的学院办公室核实信息,以及任何依赖 that the visitor to the website may place on the 信息, products, or services 因此,本网站所提供内容的风险完全由用户自行承担.

在任何情况下,学院都不承担任何损失或损害 因使用本网站而产生. 通过这个网站,浏览者 may be able to link to other websites that are not under the control of the College. The existence of these links does not suggest that the Colleges approves, recommends, 或认可这些网站的内容.





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